New emotion
New vibration
new perspective
new reality

Everything is CLEAR when you are aligned

Britt baunsgaard, master of transmutation

transformational coaching sessions

As a PRESENCE HEALER and CLAIRVOYANT Mallison Method coach, I hold space for you to access your own 5D clarity. From this perspective you see not only the answers for yourself - you FEEL them. It´s a delicious, JOYFUL transformation with the guarantee of feeling better on any given topic dimming your light or well-being. Reading this means you are ready to claim this divine power of yours, and shine. You manifested landing on this page - WELCOME.

i offer coaching Sessions in english and danish

how to work with me

Calibrate to 5D Clarity sessions are offered as 1:1 Zoom calls. 

Book your initial session 

Try it out. The initial session is your opportunity to see if this way of gaining clarity and feeling better is for you. 

about the method

Having worked as a clairvoyant healer for 20 years, I noticed a DRAMATIC SHIFT in the time it takes for my clients to gain awareness after adding the Mallison Method to my coaching practice. 

The 5D clarity I have as a clairvoyant becomes AVAILABLE FOR YOU to access through your alignment. It can be described as me inviting you into my channel, and as the session unfolds, you become CONNECTED to your own. The questions I ask you, help you focus your attention in this library of KNOWING.  
It´s a HOLISTIC method where mind, body and spirit work together. Many people already have the spiritual and intellectual understanding, but still experience difficulties in manifesting. This method helps implementing this knowing in the body as a VIBRATION on which one can attract.

Letting your analytical brain REST, being MINDFUL in every question I ask you, connecting to your EMOTIONAL system and letting your body guide you into feeling better - this is how a session unfolds. And as we go along, your resistance fades away and from this point of alignment, you have reached the ability to HEAR SPIRIT GUIDE YOU. Your Inner Being is your best coach.

It doesn´t take time - it only takes alignmeNT
(Abraham hicks)