Sessions of your choice

The initial session is the first step to get to know me and the ART OF CALIBRATING. After that you can decide whether you feel called to continue with the Ripple or Triple Ripple package and receive the benefits of a steady practise of ALIGNING TO YOUR DESIRES.


An initial session is FIRST TIME CLIENT´S opportunity to have a Calibrate to 5D Clarity calibration to feel if this method resonates and if we as client and coach are a match.
If yes, you have the option to purchase a package of 3 or 9 sessions and exercising the VIBRATIONAL MUSCLE on a weekly basis to keep you a match to your desires.

Price: 65 Euroes


3 Calibrate to 5D Clarity sessions in three weeks.

The more you practice raising your vibration on a regular basis, the easier it becomes. It´s like any other workout.
In each session there is time to juice on and celebrate the big and more subtle changes you notice in various areas of your day to day life due to previous calibrations. As you raise your vibration on one topic, it ripples out on other areas.

New wobbles might show up along the way as a result of you no longer tolerating not FEELING GOOD. The more you have spent time worrying on a subject, the more momentum it has. It takes a little while to slow that train down.

Catching yourself in the early stages of wobbling is an indication that you are fine tuning to your emotional guidance.

Price: 260 Euroes


9 Calibrate to 5D Clarity sessions in 9 weeks.

This package is for you if you´re comitted to lining up with being a CONSCIOUS CREATOR of your dreams and your reality, having fun while practising The Law of Attraction on a deep and steady basis.

The Universe is ready to co-create with you. On an energetic level your desires are already a done deal.
Use these 9 intense weeks to line up with them.

Price: 660 Euroes

You will be charged a 40 Euroes initial setup fee plus 220 Euroes when purchasing this package, then 220 Euroes  per month for a total of 3 payments (700 Euroes total)


Single sessions are only available after having done the initial session + at least one package.

This option is for those already familiar with the method of efficiently GAINING CLARITY on a specific thought or emotion.

Price: 94 Euroes


Calibreeze Quantum Calibration
Zoom group call community
Minimum of 4 calls per month

do you have any questions?

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after the session

The best thing you can do after a session, is to have time for yourself to dwell upon the clarity you´ve gained and to LET YOUR BODY FULLY INTEGRATE the new vibration. Also remember to drink water as you will RECEIVE HEALING as you´re working with me. I don´t charge extra for that - it HAPPENS ALL NATURALLY within my energy field since I am a presence healer. 

Calibrate to 5D clarity with britt baunsgaard